The birth of a box

As I write this, CrossFit Ortigas is about 99% complete. We have ended this chapter, from building a box, to running it. There have been plenty of trials and tribulations along the way. Many things we got lucky on and a few things we do regret. Despite all the stress and hard work involved, we wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world. Building this box has been a life-changing experience. It’s taught my group of coaches and partners many things. Wisdom we will take with us beyond CrossFit, into life itself.

Let me first thank a few key people who helped us along the way; some with advice, some with technical support, and some with just words of encouragement. This box would not exist without their help. We’ve only come this far, because members of the CrossFit community made it happen. This is truly what sets CrossFit apart from any other fitness programs or centers.

Jian Alvarez, Ken Tan, Aaron dela Cruz, Betina Bordeos, Alfred Daos, Mark Tan, the Alvarez family, the Monteverde family, the Go family, the Tan family, Sheila del Rosario, Kyle de Leon, Irene Rafil, Geron Rivera, Zaila Ramos, and Santi Caruncho. Without any of you, this project would have been just that much more difficult to accomplish. We are forever grateful.

For our future members, we at CrossFit Ortigas will promise to give you the best fitness experience you will ever have in your life. We don’t claim to have the most expensive equipment, the biggest space, or the best coaches in the world, but what we do have are coaches who care and have been through where you are now. We’ve been out of shape, unathletic, unhealthy, slow, and weak. We have coaches who have lost more than 50lbs through CrossFit, some who have been scrawny weaklings to competitive athletes, some who were in serious poor health to getting their life back! We’ve been there and we can share our experiences with you on how we became fit. As CrossFit coaches, we will continue to learn and share our knowledge for those that want to learn. This is our passion and this is our box.

We hope to see more and more CrossFitters not just in the Ortigas area, but all over the country. Help us spread the message and get Filipinos back into fitness.