Recap of The Fittest Team 2016

At CrossFit Ortigas, we love fitness competitions, whether it’s powerlifting, weightlifting, marathons, obstacle races, or a CrossFit event. We look ahead in our calendar to find these competitions and we assemble teams to represent us. So it was no surprise that we had 9 teams competing at the recent Fittest Team 2016 event hosted by the Affiliate Alliance. Team events can sometimes be harder to qualify with the different schedules for each athlete and trying to get it all to work. But we are proud of our Barbell Ninjas for giving it their best effort.

Out of 9 teams, 4 RX teams were able to make it to the Championship event at TESDA on Nov 5. We were also battling for the 1st ever Alliance Cup against 16 other AA boxes so we were extremely grateful to have 4 teams in there as it increased our chances of earning points.


Each team had to face 4 grueling challenges during the day. The 1st wod was an AMRAP of double-unders, handstand walks, pistols and bar muscle ups. The 2nd wod was a combined 1RM snatch for the whole team. The 3rd wod was chipper of 900m run, heavy squat cleans, toes-to-bar/chest-to-bar complex, and an anguishing assault bike. The 4th and final wod was a classic CrossFit triplet of burpees, wall balls and thrusters. Having only 4 wods for the day, made each wod very valuable in scoring points; the teams couldn’t afford to be complacent on any of the challenges.

Our teams gave it their best effort and as a community, we couldn’t be any prouder. The White Ninjas composed of Coaches Khalil Tan, Mac Lamson, Therine Chan finished in 4th place in the loaded Trio RX division. They were followed by the Black Ninjas, composed of Coaches Gian Manuel, Janelle Castano and Jeff Garcia, which finished 6th and the Green Ninjas, with Coach Joseph Nery, Kris Correa and Karl Chua that finished in 9th place, all in the same division. Finally our Red Ninjas, composed of Suze Marsh and Hazel Perez, won 2nd place in the Women’s Duo RX division. Overall, our teams managed to have a combined 18 pts, and a 2nd place tie-breaker to secure the Alliance Cup trophy!


While winning is great, we take great pride in each team’s effort and courage. Every athlete gave it their best and left nothing on the floor but blood, sweat and tears. We couldn’t ask for more. Bagging the Alliance Cup was just icing on the cake. This is the Ortigas Ninjas community. Come join us. 🙂